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E Komo Mai

Welcome 2 Fabric Applique

Have you ever heard the Hawaiian greeting: "E komo mai", it means "Welcome." We created a pattern variation to and here it is! READ MORE >

Tea Ceremony

Harmony - Respect - Purity - Tranquility

Tea Ceremony 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

Tea-drinking is central to social gatherings in many countries. Tea parties, tea rooms, tea time, afternoon tea, high tea...warm and soothing, or cold and refreshing, makes for good conversation with friends. A haven in a busy day.


New Fabrics all over the place

They are here!

Janice has been very busy creating some wonderful new one of a kind Hand-dyed masterpieces. I have added them to the Hand-Dyed page.


A Few of my favorite things

Inspiration abounds

I am always thinking about new quilt pattern designs to add to the wonderful selection we already have.Iris by Connie Johnson Sayler
While designing I find myself poring over my photos. Reminiscing is so fun!


A new customer gallery

Come and check it out

I am happy to announce that we have put together a new customer Gallery!

Flowers that Never Fade Hawaiian Wall Quilt

That was the only thing that was missing on the new web site. So many of you have graciously shared your photos with us over the years and they have been a great source of inspiration! Now they are all once again in the same place. READ MORE >


Reach for something new

Grapes 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

At one time or another we are all guilty of resisting the urge to try something new because we have a preconceived notion about how hard it might be, or that it is somehow inappropriate. Following are just a few examples. Put yourself to the test. What misconceptions may be holding you back? READ MORE >

Thread Basting - For Needleturn Applique

Temporary, not tedious

Think of thread-basting as a temporary replacement for pins.

Basting - how to

You need to hold two pieces of fabric together just long enough to applique them together. If it is a small applique piece then a pin or two will do the trick, but if it is a large applique piece (like a Hawaiian or 2 Fabric Applique Quilt) then thread-basting is in order. READ MORE >

I want a smaller, no, a larger quilt

Dragonflies in flight 2 Fabric Applique Quilt PatternsReducing or enlarging patterns

We are frequently asked if a wall-hanging pattern can be enlarged for a bed quilt. Or, if a bed quilt pattern can be reduced to make a wall-hanging. Here are our thoughts and suggestions.

In general, we design quilt patterns to be a specific size. We fill the available space with motifs and elements that are proportioned to that size. For a large quilt we can fill the space with more flowers, leaves or whatever the design

What's the difference

Hawaiian Quilts vs. 2 Fabric Applique Quilts

Woodland Lei Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern

Dog and Daisy 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

You may have wondered what exactly are the differences? What determines whether one of our patterns is Hawaiian or 2 Fabric Applique?


Pohopoho style, with sashing

Tropical Floral Hawaiian Block Pattern

Tropical Floral is an example of the pohopoho style of Hawaiian Quilt. Poho means "patch", so pohopoho means many patches, or blocks.

Blocks can be assembled with or without sashing. When sashing is used the traditional echo quilt lines continue...


Quiltfolk Magazine photo by Connie Johnson Sayler

Have you checked out Quiltfolk? The new community supported quarterly magazine? I received my second issue last weekend. I loved the first issue but I have to say the second is incredible. I do not consider this a magazine but a quilting travel book. The stories are well written and I love the photographs. I sat down to read it and could not put it down until I had read the entire thing. They took me to Iowa right along with them!

The first issue is about Oregon, the place I have called home for the last 30 years so I was familiar with what they were talking about. The second is about Iowa, a place I have never had the pleasure to visit. I now would love to visit, shop and meet the wonderful people who have been interviewed. It is so inspiring to read the stories and feel a connection. Each issue will take you to a new or familiar state. Issue 3 is going to be about the Hawaii, quilting history, shops, designers, quilter's and much more. I can hardly wait to see this one.

My favorite part of the quilting world is the instant connection. I think it comes from doing something you love and are passionate about.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. Think of this as a fine quilting travel book not just another magazine. With it's 160+ pages of inspiration it is well worth the money! If you use the coupon code: SHOP1076 you will receive a 10% discount.

If you do not subscribe you can still join the community for free and receive emails with exclusive articles, videos, interviews, and more. Advanced previews of upcoming issues. Special offers for you and your friends. Behind-the-scenes travel updates, and other fun from the road

Take a quilt journey with them!


Why we love applique

Here is our list of the many things we like about hand applique.

Pacific Rim Quilt Company, needleturn applique

Chances are pretty good, that because you are reading our blog you are convinced already that applique is fun. You know that creating something beautiful with your hands is peaceful and satisfying. But if you still need some convincing here is our list:




Are you in a creative slump? I know we all feel that way periodically and here is a series of articles Janice Lee Baehr wrote for us. This is a compilation of ten articles published in our e-newsletter in 2015 an 2016. We do believe creativity benefits you and the entire world we put these articles together in an easy to print and save format.

Our continuing desire is to kick-start or to stimulate, YOUR creative juices! ENJOY


Hawaiian Quilt Designs

An Evolving Tradition

Lei Kukui Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern

For over a century the only way you could own a Hawaiian quilt was to design and make it yourself, or be the very fortunate recipient of a special gift. A few talented designers would give their individual designs to others as gifts, but there were no patterns available for purchase. And, it was kapu (taboo) to copy the design of another quilter without their permission.

Out of necessity and practicality, during a Hawaiian quilting revival in the 1970's and 1980's a few pattern books emerged

Less-Than-Perfect Fabric Selections?

How to Salvage that quilt!





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