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Time is Valuable

Do More with what you have

Crowning Glory Applique Quilt Border and Runner PatternQuilts come together when you have inspiration, tools, materials, and time. The perfect blending of these four ingredients result in complete satisfaction. But, what happens when you find you have inspiration, tools and materials - but no time? Frustration, that is what happens. So, here are our tips for squeezing moments of productivity from your already too busy day.
  1. Whether you use a pillow case, a zip-close plastic bag, a shoe box or a pizza box...keep everything you need for a project in one bag or box. (Yes, even the special notions, thread and tools you need.) Having everything together in one place means that when you are ready to work on that project no time is wasted hunting for anything


That Little Voice

Self-doubt and dealing with it

Flower in Kauai

Have you ever feel less than satisfied with a quilt you made or something you have created? I am finding that there is a little voice that has been telling me it isn't good enough and at times it is stronger than others. It seems this little voice shows up after I have been very productive and thought I was happy with my work. The self doubt can be a motivator to some and not to others. How many times have you made something and that little voice said it isn't good enough so you did not finish the project? I think we are our own worst enemies! READ MORE >

Needleturn Applique lessons at home

Dragonflies in Flight 2 fabric applique quilt pattern

We all lead busy lives. It is difficult to carve out time to take a quilting class, even when you have a good teacher in your area. Taking a class has its own challenges...being able to see what the teacher is doing, and then remembering what you learned days, weeks, or even years later. What's the solution? A DVD, of course. If your goal is to learn needleturn applique, or to improve your techniques we recommend our DVD: 2 Fabric Applique Quilts with Nancy Lee Chong. Why a DVD? It can be played over and over again while you practice your techniques; READ MORE >



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