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Pick Me! Pumpkins

Pick Me! PumpkinsWhile most of our patterns involve just two fabrics, this one is a good one to draw from your stash, or scraps, to find the perfect variety of fabrics to fashion your pumpkins and baskets. Ours is pictured in realistic colors, but don't limit yourself. Put some whimsy in your quilt and go wild with prints and colors!

Summer is the perfect time to be stitching this autumn quilt so it is ready for your holiday-themed table, or make a small one to hang. We prefer stitching by hand, but this quilt would also make a beautiful quilt if stitched by machine.

Echo Quilting

A characteristic of Hawaiian quilts

Sea Turtles and Dolphins Hawaiian Wall Quilt

One of the distinctive characteristics of Hawaiian quilts is the echo quilting. Echo quilting is not a different way to make quilting stitches, rather it is the pattern of quilting lines that radiate out from the applique edges on a Hawaiian quilt. These quilting lines are often described as looking like the waves approaching an island, or the ripples created when dropping a pebble into water.

We have been told that many Hawaiian quilters used their little finger as a guide to space their parallel quilt rows. Put your little finger on a ruler and you will see that it is probably about 1/2 to 5/8 inch wide. Rather than use our finger, we prefer to use a ruler, or sewing gauge and a chalk pencil to mark our quilting lines.

Dragonflies in Flight for LaVeta Colorado

I hope all of you enjoyed your 4th of July.

Through the end of June I am going to be donating $2.00 from each Dragonflies in Flight 2 Fabric Applique Pattern that I sell to the LaVeta Fire District. I chose the Dragonflies in Flight 2 Fabric Applique Pattern because there are numerous Dragonflies that live in the area. Here are a few photos of them. These photos were taken by Polly Neldner of LaVeta Colorado.

You may be wondering why I want to do this, I have a strong family connection to this place. In 1995 my parents built a log home in the mountains between LaVeta and Cuchara in Southern Colorado


Echo Quilting by machine

Here is my three color version of You are in Our Hearts Hawaiian Wall Quilt. This quilt was created using one of the Hoffman Supernova Panels. I am just loving this color combination and how it also shows off the plumeria blossoms. You can find an earlier blog post about Multi-colored Hawaiian Quilts and how to create them by clicking on the link.

I decided I wanted to have it complete for the Mountain Stars Quilt Show so in order to complete it in time I was going to have to quilt it by machine. I felt it would look it's best with the traditional quilting method of echo quilting.


Quilters Travel Companion Pattern

A few months ago I was asked to create a pattern for the newest Quilters' Travel Companion and Crafters' Guide 2018-2020. This is their 15th Edition.

I thought I would like to share my love of Hawaiian Quilts and create a block pattern of Plumeria. This is a pillow that will coordinate with our Plumeria Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern. I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the wonderful Travel Guide.



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