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Customer adventures in applique

Butterflies 2 Fabric Applique Quilt by Karen K

While Nancy and I were in Puyallup we visited with Karen K. She is a long time customer and has made many of our wall hangings and when I say many, I mean 19 or 20 of the 2 Fabric Applique Patterns. She had just finished the Giraffe Family and the Elephants after having visited the real thing in Africa a year ago. She shared with us a bundle of fabric she purchased from a 4-H group selling fabric there in Puyallup, all you could READ MORE >

NW Quilter's Guild Festival of Quilts

We vended at the Festival of Quilts in Portland Oregon last month. It was a special show because Nancy Lee Chong and her husband Warren joined Mark and I for the show.


Hawaiian Wall Quilt Class

Hawaiian Quilting class at Bolts to Block Quilt Shop

Earlier this month I was invited to teach a 2 Day Hawaiian Wall Quilt Class. This class was in the Blocks to Bolts Quilt Shop in Albany Oregon. In this class each participant was able to select a Pacific Rim Quilt Company Pattern and learn all about making their selected patterns. READ MORE >

Making a Hawaiian Quilt as a gift

Sweet Peas for Grandma Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern

I want to make a Hawaiian Quilt for a friend...
A traditional element of Hawaiian Quilts was that the design had a special meaning to the quiltmaker or quilt owner. For that reason you may want to select a pattern which will have special meaning to the person you plan to give the quilt to. Secret meanings are frequently part of a Hawaiian Quilt's story, so if you share a special occasion, or want to convey a message you can embed the meaning in the name of the quilt, no matter the design. READ MORE >



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