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Taking care of your hands

Needleturn for hand health

As you know I am a needleturn girl and love the process of stitching by hand but I have found that when I do this for many hours and days at a time my hands tell me they have had enough. I am sure this is something many of you have experienced. Add to that a touch of Arthritis and you have the perfect storm. READ MORE >

Tropical II

Tropical II Hawaiian block quilt pattern

We have mentioned before that in the Hawaiian language it is common to repeat a word for emphasis. Take huli huli chicken, for example. Huli means "to turn". So if you cook chicken on a spit or rotisserie it is called huli huli chicken. Chicken that has been turned a lot! Among the many definitions for poho is "patch, as in clothes; to patch, mend." When clothing is mended it commonly involves sewing (appliqueing) a small patch over a tear. READ MORE >

Thread Therapy

Aurifil Thread

When you are traveling or have time when you want to keep busy what do you do?


2 Fabric Applique quilts as lap quilts

Dog and Daisy 2 Fabric Applique quilt pattern

I decided to enlarge our Dog and Daisy 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern by 200% to create a 48" x 72" lap quilt. It is like making the 2 Fabric Applique on steroids. The pieces are all larger and there is a bit more stitching! But you know, I am really enjoying it. This was the piece I took with me when I traveled to Minnesota. I worked on it in the airplane as well as in the car.




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