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Mark's Musing

Food and Friends, Part 2

I mentioned in an earlier article, one of the side benefits of traveling to quilt show: local cuisine. Another benefit is connecting with friends.

When we attended Pacific International in Santa Clara, CA, an old-time friend drove over from Fresno to attend the show. We met Heather and her family shortly after we moved to Hermiston, OR in 1987. She had a daughter and a son the same age as our children. Heather babysat when Connie worked and the kids attended pre-school and grade school together, until Heather moved away. We met at Disneyland a few years later, but the kids had not seen each other since.

Keeping you informed

Unauthorized use of our quilt images

Last month I shared the following quick note with you:

Earlier this month one of Nancy's students and an additional customer asked us if we had given our permission to a company that produces rugs and bedding to use our Herd of Turtles design. We were shocked to find out that this company APPEARS to be selling products with our Herd of Turtles, Halloween and Dragonflies in Flight designs on the products. This company, AZCOZY has not been given the rights to use any of our designs! We hold the copyrights.




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