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Delicate Beauty

Delicate Beauty Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern

During the Victorian-era (1837-1901) the symbolic meaning of flowers was raised to a whole new level. Flowers selected for a gift bouquet were chosen to convey a secret message to the recipient (for good or bad, apparently). Plants were arranged in a garden based on their powers. Flowers adorned nearly everything, and often the specific flower was chosen because of the meaning it would convey. Dictionaries were compiled to decipher the language of flowers. Pity the poor hapless chap who just wanted to give something pretty to a young lady, if he did not know the meaning she would place on his simple bouquet! READ MORE >

Art Deco Style

Hibiscus 2 Fabric Applique Quilt PatternThe bold, graphic nature of our 2 Fabric Applique Quilts brings this Hibiscus front and center.

Hibiscus blossoms range in color from white, to yellow, to deep purple, with every shade of red and orange in between. Choose the colors for your quilt that fit your decor. Make this one fast and easy with raw-edge applique; or fuse then machine-stitch it; or relax, take your time, and applique it by hand.

What are the characteristics of a Hawaiian Quilt?

Angel's Trumpet Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern
A bit about Hawaiian Quilts

One distinctive characteristic of Hawaiian quilts is that they are radially symmetrical to the eighth. What does that mean?? It means that if you draw lines on a Hawaiian quilt design through the center from top to bottom, side to side, and corner to corner what you see in each of the eight triangular segments will be nearly identical mirror images. The Angel's Trumpet quilt makes this very easy to visualize with its strong stems radiating from the center in all eight directions. While not all Hawaiian quilts have these strong diagonal design lines (take for example our Sea Turtles & Dolphins quilt) it is still true that nearly all Hawaiian designs have eight, radially symmetrical segments.


Versatile Hawaiian Quilt Designs

Tropical II Hawaiian Quilt Block Patterns

Not up for a large quilt? Whether you want a small project to practice your techniques, a quick project to feel real accomplishment, or a series of blocks for a large quilt - with Tropical II you get these six patterns in one set to use just as you choose. READ MORE >

Facebook Live, Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show

I am part of a group of Quilt Pattern Designers and Tamarinis put together an event where 6 or so designers would share their Quilts on Facebook Live everyday from April 1st through the 10th. I know that by the time you receive this newsletter the videos will no longer be live but you can still check them all out. You can go here on my blog and you can find all the links to the various designers. Each of these Videos is 15 minutes long so grab a cup of coffee and your computer and enjoy!

Here is mine! Thank you for checking it out. Please remember this was my first time.

I am going to begin doing more Facebook Live posts and the next one will be different quilts and I am going to talk about ways to quilt them. If you are not on Facebook I will be saving the videos and posting them on my YouTube Channel. If you would like to subscribe to my channel you will receive an email when I add new videos.


A bit of Hawaiian Quilt Tradition

Na Ulu Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern

Your first Hawaiian quilt should be a breadfruit design." Have you ever heard that? Do you know why it is said?"

The Hawaiian word for breadfruit is 'ulu; and ulu means to grow, or increase. In Hawaiian arts and crafts the 'ulu symbolizes abundance. Nancy's Hawaiian quilting kumu (teacher) taught her that it also symbolizes greater creativity and more quilts. So, when you hear the advice that you should first make the 'ulu design, now you know why.


Tropical III Hawaiian Quilt Blocks

Tropical III Hawaiian Quilt Block Patterns

Don't let this quilt fool you. When looking at these blocks, keep in mind that the blue fabric is the applique on a white background. Look at the green to see the appliqued flowers, leaves and fruit. READ MORE >



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