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A new customer gallery

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I am happy to announce that we have put together a new customer Gallery! That was the only thing that was missing on the new web site. So many of you have graciously shared your photos with us over the years and they have been a great source of inspiration! Now they are all once again in the same place.

When you go to the Gallery page you will see a selection of 50 photos. This will be a mix from all of the photos. You can then refine your search by clicking on the tabs at the top for the various types of quilts. Every time you come to the gallery these images will change. A nice feature that we have is when you scroll over each photo from your desktop computer it tells you who made the quilt and what pattern they used.

If this inspires you and you want to see more, click on the link at the bottom of the page just below the last photos. This will take you to our Flickr page where you will see albums with all of the photos! In the Flickr Albums I have the creators name as well as the pattern used.

You have all been so generous to share your creations with us and I know this will inspire you and get you going. This is a great time of year to have a couple needleturn applique projects going for those vacations or for those days when it is just too hot to venture outside. Oh a side note, I am watching more baseball this year than ever before since a friend of our son's has made it to the big leagues and I am happily appliqueing when Sam is not pitching.

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