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Machine Applique and Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

Can I fuse and machine applique a Hawaiian quilt?
If you are making a block, then yes, you can fuse and machine stitch. Machine applique can be an appropriate technique for decorating a tote bag, for example. (Be sure to remove the turn-under allowance that is built into our Hawaiian quilt patterns.)
In our opinion, if you are making a larger quilt it is:
  • Difficult to cut the folded applique after the fusible has been applied, you will have to cut through not only 8 layers of fabric but 8 layers of fusible as well.
  • Tedious and time- consuming to sit at your sewing machine twisting and turning your large quilt to stitch around all the curves and points
  • The result is a stiff applique, not the fluid, soft applique you probably were originally attracted to.

You can tell that we want to enjoy both the process and the end result of our work.

Having said that, we know some of you will still want to try it. We try not to give advice on topics we have no experience with, and we have no experience fusing and machine appliqueing anything larger than a Hawaiian quilt block.

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