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Hawaiian Snowflake

Drum Roll Please!

Hawaiian Snowflake
Nancy has designed a spectacular new Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern for us. This is Hawaiian Snowflake or Haukea (pronounced How-kay-a).

If you have ever Googled Nancy Lee Chong and looked at images you have no doubt seen a quilt that looked very much like this one. It is "Kekapakeakeanuhinenui" which is Nancy's personal six sided snowflake.

Nancy has created this traditional Hawaiian Bed Quilt which is 8 sided for us. I am thrilled that she was willing to do this. It is one of the many reasons I fell in love with Hawaiian Quilts. It was the first one I ever saw. It was hanging in a local bank for the holidays. I was obsessed from that point on.

We created this version using silver tricot lame for the applique. It is great fun to work with. This is NOT the dreaded tissue lame which frays when you look at it. I am hoping to be carrying a high quality version for you in the near future. One of the company's we purchase our fabrics from is on the hunt for a great product for us to share with you. Now just because we have used silver tricot lame for the applique there is absolutely no reason you can not use your favorite batik or any other fine quality cotton for your applique. This will make a bed quilt or an 84" x 84" to 108" x 126" quilt. What will you make with your pattern?

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