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Sweet Peas for Grandma

Sweet Peas for Grandma Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern

Sweet Peas for Grandma Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern

Hawaiian quilters have long been known to make special quilts. I wanted to create a Hawaiian Wall quilt with a special meaning. Sweet Peas for Grandma was designed with my Grandma Myrt in mind. She always grew sweet peas in her garden in Minnesota. As children we would spend a couple of weeks or more at her home every summer. She loved her garden and every morning we would go out to pick sweet peas for the kitchen table. I have always loved the smell of them. I have very fond memories of spending time there with my Grandma. So it in honor of her that I have created this pattern.

There is also a nod to my heritage. I am Scandinavian and have always loved Rosemaling which is an art form originating in Norway. It was a design style which was painted on wooden furniture and objects with a flower motif like the image to the left. I thought what a great combination for my first Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern than to incorporate a couple of my favorite things and then share them with you, Rosemaling and Sweet Peas make a nice combination don't you think?

I hope you like this design as much as I do and I look forward to seeing what fabrics you will use to create your version of Sweet Peas for Grandma.

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