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Under the Sea

Under the Sea Runner and Border Pattern
Under the Sea Border and Runner PatternFor any of you who love spending time near the ocean this quilt is for you. When walking along the beach you have probably encountered a couple of these creatures. Living in the Pacific Northwest for more than half of my life and loving to spend time at the ocean it only seemed fitting that we have a pattern that incorporated some of these creatures. We already have turtles, dolphins, and seahorses and. Here are a few new critters from the deep and not so deep.

I grew up in Wyoming and did not see the ocean until I was in High School so when we moved to Oregon and I was within a days drive of the Pacific Ocean, I was in love. We spent many years in Eastern Oregon and then after our kids graduated from high school we moved to the Oregon Coast. Every morning I could not get over the fact that when I got up there it was out my window everyday! I walked and collected agates on the beach every chance I could get. Aside from the beauty of it there is the addition of the sound and oh that wonderful salty smell. Now that we have moved back on the other side of the mountains from the Ocean I do not get to go but a couple of times a year and I miss it. So this quilt honors my time on the coast of Oregon. I hope this quilt gives you fond memories of time spent near the ocean.

The table runner above was created using needleturn applique. Before I made the quilt sandwich I added some embroidery. The lines on the sand dollar have been embroidered as well as adding french knots along the legs of the starfish and some detail to the Salmon. The possibilities for quilting and details are unlimited.

Under the Sea can also be created as a Triptych (three panels which can be displayed together). My version of The Under the Sea Triptych was created with re-purposed wool. The background wool had a woven stripe which I incorporated into the design. I also added blanket stitch around the animals and along the waves. Each of these panels are fun on their own but work well hung together. This makes this pattern very flexible.

What will you do with it? Will you use cotton or wool and will you make it a runner, quilt border or triptych? Below is Nancy's version! The possibilities are endless!

Under the Sea Runner and Border Pattern

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