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CBS Sunday Mornings and Sunshine

How many of you watch CBS Sunday Morning?

Mark and I are faithful customers and never miss it, if we are away we recorded it so we can watch it when we return. Janice and Nancy do the same thing. Several years ago Nancy submitted a photo of the Sunshine quilt to Sunday Morning's Sunshine Coordinator, now wouldn't that be a cool job title. We wondered if we would ever see it and a couple of weeks ago I received a note from Linda Horton, one of our Facebook followers that she had seen Sunshine on the program. Sure enough when I watched it there it was. It was a very short but sweet appearance. Below is a photo of our TV with the Sunshine quilt big as life. We have had our 3 seconds of fame.
Did you see it? If not it was on the April 8th episode at the end of a commentary by Luke Burbank.
It sure made Janice, Nancy and my day to see it flash across the screen. You better believe there were early morning emails being shared! Nancy was even corresponding with the Sunshine Coordinator.
I hope we see it again sometime soon.
TIP: Make up this quilt using nylon fabric and hang it outside as a banner. Rain or shine it will make you smile!

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