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Pick Me! Pumpkins

Pick Me! Pumpkins Applique Quilt Border and Runner Pattern

While most of our patterns involve just two fabrics, this one is a good one to draw from your stash, or scraps, to find the perfect variety of fabrics to fashion your pumpkins and baskets. Ours is pictured in realistic colors, but don't limit yourself. Put some whimsy in your quilt and go wild with prints and colors!

Summer is the perfect time to be stitching this autumn quilt so it is ready for your holiday-themed table, or make a small one to hang. We prefer stitching by hand, but this quilt would also make a beautiful quilt if stitched by machine. Do it in the manner that makes you happy.
By simply rearranging, or overlapping the basket and pumpkins you have a number of options, each one as interesting as the next. Have a big family with a long table? Make the 70" version. A small table, or limited time? Make the single basket version measuring 36" long. All versions are 13" wide. These options are all shown on the pattern page. Which will you do?

Pick Me Pumpkins options

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