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Tiger Cubs 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

Tiger Cubs 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

The newest edition to our Safari Quilts
Here is the pattern that has been the number one requested new design the last couple of years.
I absolutely loved creating this pattern. It was the most difficult one I have tried to design. The first version had a mother and her cubs and I even got it to the point of trying to make the sample and realized that the pieces were so small and difficult to accomplish with needleturn applique that it has been folded up and put in the pile of unsuccessful designs. After sleeping on it for about a week it dawned on me that if I make the cubs larger and leave Mama out that I could still use the tiger faces that I loved. The eyes are my favorite part of this design. It was very important to me that they look real. So in this design you will use a bit of embroidery to create the highlight in the tiger eyes.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do and I can hardly wait to hear what you think and see your quilts!

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