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Pacific International Quilt Festival

PIQF booth with Mark

This month was the first time I have had the opportunity to vend at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara California. What a wonderful experience it was! It was a lot of work for sure but it was all worth it. I knew it was a large show with many vendors but it caught me a bit off guard. It is huge! Not as big as the International Quilt Festival in Houston but it was BIG.

So many of you came by and introduced yourselves and you were all so very kind! I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE my customers! You are an inspiring and amazing bunch and THANK YOU!

The quilt show itself was amazing and they had the rows of quilts interspersed around the Convention center with vendors in between so as you walked the isles you have a section of quilts then a section of vendors and so on. It was nice to have the mix. As a vendor it helps to get people to see everything and everyone. I thought the quality of the quilts as well as the vendors was exceptional.

Modern Ulu

I was honored to also have my Modern Ulu Quilt juried into the Mid Century Modern section of the competition. One of the things that was very wonderful for me was the fact that as I went to our booth to set up, I turned around and there out of the corner of my eye was MY QUILT!

Modern Ulu from the boothI was so surprised to see it so close to the booth. The display of this group was inspiring and humbling. I was honored to have my work hanging with some amazing pieces. Everyone's interpretation of Mid Century Modern was different. My thought was that they would all be 50's inspired... They were not my vision but they were all unique and wonderful. I did not win an award but just to have been selected was enough for me.

If you have not attended this show it is one to see! Thank you all!

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