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Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Thread Bag

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect thread bag + 40 spools Aurifil 50wt threadAre you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, or something you would like for Christmas?
We have the perfect item. The Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Thread Bag. This bag will hold 48 spools of the Aurifil 50wt thread or similar spool.
What makes it so perfect? Put your thread spools in the plastic pockets. Then, using a large-eye needle, pull each thread through the red faux-suede strip. When you need a particular color, just pull on the thread tail and snip off the length you want. No need to take spools in and out. All the thread stays clean and neat. Use the large plastic pocket to hold your sewing notions. Folds up, neat and compact, to travel with you.
I have the bags available with 40 spools of Aurifil thread as well as empty and ready for you to fill.

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