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Making a Hawaiian Quilt as a gift

I want to make a Hawaiian Quilt for a friend...

Sweet Peas for Grandma

A traditional element of Hawaiian Quilts was that the design had a special meaning to the quiltmaker or quilt owner. For that reason you may want to select a pattern which will have special meaning to the person you plan to give the quilt to. Secret meanings are frequently part of a Hawaiian Quilt's story, so if you share a special occasion, or want to convey a message you can embed the meaning in the name of the quilt, no matter the design.

The most obvious consideration would be the person's favorite flower or interest. Perhaps a birth month flower and colors can guide your choice. Some of the months that come to mind are April: Sweet Pea, May: Lily of the Valley or July: Water Lily.

Each of the Hawaiian Islands has a nickname, color and flower. If you are from Hawaii, live in Hawaii, or have a favorite island let this information inspire your selection:

OahuThe Gathering PlaceYellow'llima
MauiThe Valley IslePinkLoke (Rose)
Hawai'iThe Orchid IsleRedLehua
Kaua'iThe Garden IslePurpleMokihana
Moloka'iThe Friendly IsleGreenKukui
Lana'iThe Pineapple IsleOrangeKauna'oa
Ni'ihauThe Forbidden IsleWhitePupu shells
Kaho'olaweSilver GrayHinahina

Of course, we do not have patterns for all the flowers; when we do we have provided a link to the pattern. You may also want to Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt using our book and DVD set. It is easier than you think, and the result will be a quilt that is unique as you are!

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