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Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern

Calla Lily, a stately, elegant flower often chosen for weddings.

With its straight lines, gentle curves and few points this quilt stitches up quickly, whether by hand or machine.
We most often think of Calla Lilies as being white, did you know they also grow in shades of yellow, orange, green, pink, lavender and deep dark purple? So, when you are deciding what color to make your Calla Lilies, any color will do!
TIP: If you are hand-appliqueing with a white applique fabric and are concerned that the turn-under will shadow through, here are two options:
1. Depending on how thin or thick your white fabric is, you may not notice the shadowing once the quilt is quilted. Even if it shows when the applique is complete, by quilting in the ditch, the applique fabric is lifted up off the surface of the background just enough that the shadowing is diminished, and sometimes disappears.
2. Consider using two layers of white fabric, like this: Mark the top layer as directed, then lay it on the second layer of white fabric (think of this as a lining). Place both of these on your background fabric and continue to follow the instructions. When it is time to cut, cut through both white layers. Then, as you applique, trim away approximately 3/16" (or the width of your turn-under) from the lining just ahead of where you are stitching. This lining blocks any of the darker background fabric from showing through.

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