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2 Fabric Applique quilts as lap quilts

Dog Applique Quilt Process

I decided to enlarge our Dog and Daisy 2 Fabric Applique Quilt Pattern by 200% to create a 48" x 72" lap quilt. It is like making the 2 Fabric Applique on steroids. The pieces are all larger and there is a bit more stitching! But you know, I am really enjoying it. This was the piece I took with me when I traveled to Minnesota. I worked on it in the airplane as well as in the car.

The process for making this is exactly the same as the instructions describe for hand applique except you will need to seam your fabric to create a background piece and an applique piece which are at least 50" x 74".
Applique Quilt process
If you are interested in doing this you will need to take your paper pattern to your favorite printer and have them scan the pattern and then print it at 200%. You will need to tape the pattern pieces together but that is not difficult at all. Check with your printer and find out how much overlap you will have and then just take it one piece at a time. I had mine done at a printer who handles printing blueprints. They have larger printers and this way you will have larger pieces of paper.
I am on the home stretch with this and can hardly wait to quilt it. I think I will do a combination of machine quilting as well as a bit of "big stitch" quilting. Which of the 2 Fabric Applique Quilts would you make as a lap quilt?
Dog and Daisy 2 Fabric Applique Quilt

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