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Food and Friends, Part 2

I mentioned in an earlier article, one of the side benefits of traveling to quilt show: local cuisine. Another benefit is connecting with friends.
When we attended Pacific International in Santa Clara, CA, an old-time friend drove over from Fresno to attend the show. We met Heather and her family shortly after we moved to Hermiston, OR in 1987. She had a daughter and a son the same age as our children. Heather babysat when Connie worked and the kids attended pre-school and grade school together, until Heather moved away. We met at Disneyland a few years later, but the kids had not seen each other since.
Heather’s son Garrett is now a software engineer in the San Francisco bay area. Heather and Garrett and his new wife, Kim, joined us for dinner at the Burmese Bistro. Garrett is now a food connoisseur and recommended the restaurant. Our son, Rick, took the day off from his graduate studies at the University of California, Davis and joined us as well. Rick and Garrett were best buddies in grade school but had not seen each other since. It was so fun watching these two twenty eight year old, “men-about-town” reconnect.
A few years back, Connie, by herself, drove from Oregon to a quilt show in Minnesota. Her parents grew up in Minnesota and most of the family is still there. One the way, she picked up one of her cousins, a retired art teacher. Cousin Nancy helped with the quilt show. She was able to connect with her aunt, a quilter and her two other female cousins.
Earlier in the year, we attended the Portland Expo quilt show. Our rented condo had two bedrooms, so we invited former owners, Nancy and Warren Chong to join us. Many of you know Nancy and you know how fun and knowledgeable she is. Warren is an excellent cook and a wine expert. We explored several great restaurants in the Alberta area: Tin Shed, Swiss Hibiscus and Pok Pok. We talked quilting, some politics, sports, food and life. What a great time.
Yes, quilt show are fun and allow us to connect with friends.
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