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Tropical III Hawaiian Quilt Blocks

Tropical III Breadfruit Design

Don't let this quilt fool you. When looking at these blocks, keep in mind that the blue fabric is the applique on a white background. Look at the green to see the appliqued flowers, leaves and fruit.

As with all Hawaiian quilts, you fold the applique fabric like you are going to cut a paper snowflake, cut on the pattern cutting lines to remove some fabric; unfold the applique onto the background, baste and stitch. This pattern is no different. It just so happens that with these designs, the fabric around the edge of the block is part of what you keep as the applique. This pattern is not reverse, it is not harder, or different. You simply do not cut through the applique fabric from the edge, you leave the edges in tact. That's it.
The picture at the left shows green applique fabric, completed with the Breadfruit design. Nothing difficult, or tricky about it!

Tropical III Hawaiian Quilt Blocks

The six patterns from the top left are: Breadfruit, Monstera, Orchid, Angel's Trumpet, Plumeria, and Torch Ginger. You can use these blocks, as pictured here, with or without sashing between the blocks. Three designs make a wonderful table runner. What will you make?

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