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A bit of Hawaiian Quilt Tradition

Na Ulu Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern"Your first Hawaiian quilt should be a breadfruit design." Have you ever heard that? Do you know why it is said?"
The Hawaiian word for breadfruit is 'ulu; and ulu means to grow, or increase. In Hawaiian arts and crafts the 'ulu symbolizes abundance. Nancy's Hawaiian quilting kumu (teacher) taught her that it also symbolizes greater creativity and more quilts. So, when you hear the advice that you should first make the 'ulu design, now you know why.
Many of us bristle when we hear the word should and set about to do anything but; while others find comfort and direction in the guidance. We actually believe it is more likely you will make many quilts if you first choose a design you love, rather than one you think you are supposed to make. We have three different size 'ulu patterns. How great would it be if you happen to really like one of these for your first Hawaiian quilt?
For those of you who have been reading our Newsletters for awhile, you may remember that the Breadfruit (or Ulu) is a symbol of plenty, or abundance in the Hawaiian culture. The large, starchy fruit was a staple in the diet of voyaging Polynesians. Hawaiian quilters have often said that if your first Hawaiian quilt is of the Ulu, then you will be blessed with an abundance of creativity and quilts. So what better way to begin 2012, than with the prospects of making a quilt that will assure you an abundance...of whatever you want!
TIP: For a smaller quilt (approximately 72" square), use just the center medallion, without the border.

Na Ulu Hawaiian Bed Quilt Pattern

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