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Being Thankful and Hidden Blessings

While it is a strange time in our lives and unlike anything we have ever experienced, I count my blessings.  I posted a couple of questions on Facebook this last week and asked our Followers the following questions.  

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What are you thankful for today?

Sharon, I’m thankful for spending a bit more time with hubby instead of tuning into the iPad or in my sewing room. Ha. We play cards every day at 3.

Yolanda, I'm thankful I live in America, where we have freedom 

Kathy, My DH!! (dear husband)

Bonnie, Watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders.. so relaxing

Sharyn, I’m thankful that I know how to cook and so is my husband. Lol

Marilyn, The flowers I planted in memory of my two friends, Sissy and Avery, are blooming in the beautiful sunshine today.

Cathie, I think we are so very blessed to have access to soooo much technology during these crazy, stressful times. I feel blessed that I can get your posts, I can shop at stores from around the world, take classes, get ideas, converse with friends, and on and on. 

Valerie, I am thankful that my tummy is feeling better.

Sylva, I’m thankful for the health of my family. And that I have the family that I do!

Billie, I'm getting the binding on a toddler quilt.

Audrey, I'm thankful for my family being healthy.

Corinne, My health, my family and my ability to sew

Margaret, Spending time with my 26-year-old daughter.

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Then the next question the following day was, What surprising blessings have you discovered while staying close to home because of COVID?

Marie, That I can actually make a quilt start to finish without a lot of years in between! I’ve made 25 projects since March 1. And 5 are quilted. A few more will be soon. And I’m looking forward to getting my first 2 color appliqué pattern in the near future!

Debora, Making items for my craft guild, including baby quilts, crocheting. My husband, and Family ❤️

Marcia, Being the “teacher” for my grandsons.

Laura, More time with my boyfriend ... we're both working from home. More time with my daughter, too. More time to enjoy my yard. More time to knit, read, quilt!

Karen, I can actually finish machine quilting multiple quilts when we aren't traveling! On the other hand, on my trips, I take your 2-fabric applique for handwork. The plus and minus!!

Anna, The blessings I have had with COVID is that I love my husband even more now that we have been together so much with COVID. Also, I have had time to quilt, which is also a blessing.

Valerie, I have lost my quilting mojo for now and have been making masks. My family, except my husband, is all the way across Canada and the border is closed so I can't see my sister. I miss all of my family a lot. But I have sewn my way through over 125 yards of…See More

Slye, My biggest blessing was that my husband had a brain aneurysm rupture in October, was in ICU a month & survived without any after-effects! Being able to help my husband build our log cabin...he is adding a large room he says will be my sewing room. He's so sweet for thinking to do that for me.

Diane, Because I am visiting my daughter and grandson in PA, I must quarantine for 2 weeks when I get back before I can go back to work. So the 2 color appliqué candle is my project to do! (Such a punishment lol)

Cindy, That I can be there for my elderly cat, who is 19 yrs old.

Heidi, Walks every day with my son.

Suzie, I finally decided to buy a new sewing machine and am loving learning how to use it.

Kathy, Closer to Family and Friends, and my Quilting.

Julie, More quilting, spending more time working in the yard. Enjoying sitting in the yard! Avoiding vacuuming.

Suzanne, Am hand-quilting my Delicate Beauty

Billie, I'm getting a lot more quilting done.

Kelly, I am reading a lot more.

Maja, the time to spent to understand myself.

Margaret, I found your website, in between making masks

Terry, Your website!

I found it very inspiring and uplifting to see how everyone felt.  Some simple and silly and some very profound.  What are you thankful for and what blessings have you found in your day-to-day?  

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