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Mark's Musings and Vote sigh

Put your money where your mouth is.

In the past five years, I have helped Connie with our sales booth at many quilt shows. Although I am not a quilter, I learned the process to make a Pacific Rim 2 Fabric Applique and Hawaiian quilt. I am able to demonstrate the process to a customer when Connie is with another customer. I am sometimes asked: “are YOU a quilter?” “No, but I am told the process is easy”

Unlike Connie, I have no artistic ability, and I cannot sew. But in order to save face, someday, I am going to have to sew a quilt. Maybe when I am retired???

But when I saw the new free Vote pattern, I decided that I could make a yard sign using the pattern. I found some scrap wood and paint samples. I traced the pattern on a wood board using our transfer paper. That was the easy part. Drawing (or painting) within the lines has not been my strong suit. I finished the sign and it is proudly displayed in our yard. It looks great… from more than 10 feet away. Does this count is a quilt project? Sort of? Do I now have the right to demonstrate the 2 Fabric Applique process? Maybe? Well, it is a start.

In case you missed the opportunity to download the free vote quilt pattern, click here. If you need the instructions, click here.

Stay safe, wear your mask, social distance, and Vote. AND, keep quilting.


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